2020's Essential Reading:  'Zeitgeist'

What it takes to move the needle on Open Banking from 1.0 – 3.0 and beyond. 

Will 2020 become the year of truth for Open Banking? Will it take more regulation, better technical standards, more pressure from watchdogs or? What do we, as we cross the Rubicon into unchartered territory, need most? More excel spreadsheets and forecasts while juggling new pricing and business models? We don’t think so…

Apart from courage, clearly reading the sign of the times is the most important guide for any player in the financial services domain going forward – incumbent or fintech. Successful adoption of Open Banking is about relevance for the end user, and that has everything to do with feeling society’s pulse.  If 2018 was Open Banking 1.0, and 2019 2.0, what will 3.0 bring?

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Consent – the banks’ action button for trust

The critical success factor for Open Banking is trust and a key driver to building trust is ensuring data is not lost, misused or stolen, but that it is also only used for the purposes that customers..

Banking heroes: the IT department

Banks have their heroes already and they reside inside: the IT department! Next keeping the bank safe and secure, together with the business, they can then open up new and revenue sharing services..

Open Banking, PSD2 and the law of unintended consequences

Banks are in a great position to be the winners of Open Banking, but that requires them to realise the opportunity and look beyond the present regulation towards the medium term. Open Banking is not..

Press Release: Newly launched BankiFi takes banks and its business customers ‘Beyond Open’

Today BankiFi enters the market with its consent driven multi-bank aggregator platform that forms the foundation for a range of value add business banking solutions. The company, founded by Mark..

Open Banking: Will it be a tango or a ‘Danse Macabre’ for Fintech and Banks?

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The undiscovered PSD2 opportunity – TPPs as a new customer segment

There has been a lot of discussion on the threats and opportunities for the banks in the context of PSD2, but the real opportunity lies in this new API customer segment. It’s a brave new world for..

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UK FinTECHTalents

11-12 November, London, UK

Conny Dorrestijn chairs and moderates the Build stage around Open Banking on the afternoon of Monday 11 November.

Lean Innovation Summit

11-12 November, Rotterdam, NL 

In a fireside chat, Conny Dorrestijn will make sure she asks the right questions to Aleksa Vukotic, CTO, thestartuptechfactory.tech on platform innovation in start-ups and large corporates/banks.

Shift Money 2019

18-19 November, Zagreb, Croatia

Conny Dorrestijn speaks on Monetizing Open Banking with the only lasting capital we have... Purpose.


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2020's Essential Reading:  'Zeitgeist'

What it takes to move the needle on Open Banking from 1.0 – 3.0 and beyond.  Will 2020 become the year of truth for Open Banking? Will it take more re...

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