“To BankiFi is enabling a bank to bundle their selection of white label micro services into a suite of open banking and accounting services from which their business customers can curate their own CEX”

Entrepreneur centric bank solutions

The BankiFi team has been involved in cash management and payments for a long time, so our passion to create a business banking experience that reflects the full potential and promise of open banking was evident. Combining the needs of business owners around accounting, invoicing, payments and banking from one platform: the bank.
The BankiFi experience is based on our own - so we build solutions that businesses can take advantage of - through the banks. Why through the bank? Because there are banks ‘that get it’, they see the opportunity in open banking and they know they have underserved the segment. We might not always love them – we trust them – still. So let’s move!

Business’ challenges : the banks’ opportunity

Businesses, depending on their stage in life or size, most basically need to pay and get paid, have visibility on cashflow, get tips on how best to manage their cash, and have access to fair and affordable credit. As and when companies move up the life cycle, challenges differ, so your banking services change. You might like to add liquidity management, more sophisticated payments and as businesses grow consent and authorisation change too in terms of complexity. With that in mind we build the BankiFi consent centric open banking platform.

Virtual Accounts
Cash Management
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Bundle your bank

Banks can be the platform and grow with their business customers. Catch them early, treat them fair and well and loyalty will be your reward. This is why we offer the BankiFi technology through a set of business microservices from which you can ‘bundle your bank’, branded by you, through your channel, of the customer’s choice.

So while the problems you solve really depend on the stage of life of the business, we support you as your customers grow with solutions that replace manual or disconnected processes with a future fit – consent centric – platform. Combining accounting and banking needs through one platform: your bank.

Based out of the UK and the Netherlands our team works with banks ‘who feel the need to change’. With our broad experience in the incumbent financial services world – from strategy to delivery – we team with you to go beyond open. With vision, with passion, with relentless dedication, with expertise and experience and in full awareness of the realities of secure banking.