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Engagement banking that makes a difference

BankiFi provides a unique combination of technology, marketing and human interaction that you and your customers need.

  • Access to real-time data 
  • Deepen relationships with SMEs
  • Acquire and retain SME deposits 
  • Increase lending opportunities

Our solutions

We’re driving customer-centric banking, putting banks and SMEs hand in hand.


Allow your customers to pay suppliers, automate receivables, chase late payments, and match payables and receivables from your platform.

Help small business customers with asset and invoice financing through our lending as a service capability.

Link an accounting package or offer a branded native invoicing service. Your customers can create, send and reconcile their invoicing from one place.

Through our marketing and engagement services, we combine physical and digital insights to increase customer satisfaction and inform product roadmaps.

Make sure cash remains king by keeping tabs at every stage. Provide your customers with the visibility and optimisations to boost their business.

The Co-operative Bank’s offering

The Co-operative Bank chose us to gather engagement marketing data to inform their SME business banking strategy. How? We built a dedicated internet banking channel through their pay and get paid solution, driving new customer acquisition, adoption and repeat usage.

See what relationship primacy can look like — book a demo with us

There’s a reason why global banks and financial institutions have chosen us to help thousands of small businesses with our embedded banking solutions. Partner with BankiFi to extend your bank’s reach and become a trusted partner for small businesses. 


BankiFi goes beyond banking

79 %
of invoices paid through bank-branded service within two days
£ 2 B+
worth of payments processed
62 %
increase in accounts opened year on year

Drive deposits, relationships and revenue



Competition in banking is fierce, so stay ahead of the game by strengthening your relationships with your biggest revenue opportunity — SMEs. We give you the tech, engagement and data to differentiate by increasing awareness of your services, giving you relationship primacy. 


Financial intermediaries

Whether you’re an accountant, broker or other financial intermediary, you're a trusted advisor to SMEs and a step ahead when having an established relationship. Now it’s time to reinforce that with next-generation open banking technology, elevating your brand to the place that SMEs visit daily.

The BankiFi blog

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Working together

Our mission is simple — to put banks back at the heart of business. How do we do this? By meeting the needs of banks and SMEs at the same time. We arm banks with the tools and services to give SMEs what they want and need.

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