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Embed your bank in everyday SME decisions

Combine customer engagement and data to make more informed product propositions that address real SME pain points. The result? Drive deposits and increase your revenue thanks to satisfied customers.

Going beyond banking

Transforming relationships with small businesses is the answer to mutual growth and keeping you ahead in a competitive market. At BankiFi, we provide the core banking technology, data and services that drive customer-centricity and address the real needs of SMEs.

Cash Forecasting

Fast-to-market tech with access to rich data that informs decisions and opportunities


A bank-branded, all-in-one interface that saves SMEs time and makes their lives easier


Marketing and engagement services that increase SME awareness and uptake


46,000+ new small businesses formed each year in the UK

With an average deposit of £72,000, wouldn’t you like that to be in your account and not your competitors? 

But how?

Partnering with BankiFi allows banks to offer SMEs services to pay, get paid, manage their cashflow and access lending in a cost-effective way that leads to profitable relationships.

79% of small businesses using our bank-branded pay and get paid solutions get paid within two days

That’s a far cry from the 74-day average, which means getting money into accounts faster. We’re breaking down the high costs of service that stop banks from straying from their digital-only approach. We pair our innovative technology with customer engagement and deep data from the thousands of small businesses we speak to every day.


Transforming The Co-operative Bank’s offering

The Co-operative Bank chose us to gather engagement marketing data to inform their SME business banking strategy. How? We built a dedicated internet banking channel through their pay and get paid solution, driving new customer acquisition, adoption and repeat usage.

But how does it actually work?

Our platform and engagement banking as a service approach allows you to become the go-to for small business customers, embedding banks in everyday processes. The result? Your revenue increases, costs reduce and customers thrive.

In the UK, collecting money takes an average of 71 days when invoicing terms are 30 days. That equates to 54.6 million hours per year of businesses chasing late payments.

BankiFi enables banks to automate collections for your customers within your digital channel, reducing late payment days and hours spent on admin. Data from our solutions show small businesses are getting paid in just two days.

Automation is the answer, removing hours of admin time and the risk of human error.

BankiFi links bank accounts and accounting packages to automate matching and reconciliation, saving your customers time and money.

It’s a common pain point for SMEs. Banks should be well placed to help, but don’t have the access to the technology or data to do so.

BankiFi holds the keys. Using data from bank accounts and accounting packages, BankiFi builds a live profile of your customers’ cash positions, allowing greater visibility to make better business decisions. All the while, banks have access to invaluable data to shape future business decisions.

54% of SME lending in the UK comes through brokers, and banks aren’t funding the £22 billion gap.

With 71% of SMEs not meeting eligibility criteria and 56% deemed too risky, our lending-as-a-service solution removes that risk and enables quick and easy lending within a bank-branded channel.

Often, processes happen across multiple applications, which can be a headache.

Instead, we make the workflow seamless. BankiFi enables the entire process from within a bank's digital channel, embedding you in their day-to-day activities.

This includes things like bookkeeping, linking accounting packages or, if they don’t have one, using bank-branded native invoicing services within the solution.

This creates relationship primacy between you and the SME and builds a customer profile that can support proactive lending and more.

Customers are often forced to use channels that don’t fit their needs, with no consistent experience across those channels.

We replace the siloed approach with an API-first solution. Our ‘gig to big’ model helps you to acquire customers at the earliest and cheapest point in their journey, so they never need to look elsewhere.


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