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Tapping into the SME opportunities

All the insights, technology and customer engagement services you need to unlock new business opportunities.


Why BankiFi?

SMEs often feel ignored by banks. Banks need to take advantage of the business opportunities to meet the needs of SMEs. BankiFi bridges the gap by helping you to boost deposits while satisfying your customers at the same time. But how?

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Our platform is an all-in-one package that allows SMEs to do everything in one place and embeds you in their daily workflows.

Cash Forecasting

We get the customer insights needed to inform future business decisions and product development.


And we do it all quickly so you can launch your cash management platform as soon as possible and reap the benefits.



79 %
of invoices paid through bank-branded service within two days
£ 2 b+
worth of payments processed
62 %
increase in accounts opened year on year



See BankiFi in action by booking your demo slot today. We’ll take you through all our features and insights so you can see how we can work together.

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71% of small businesses don’t meet the eligibility requirements for mainstream lending

With the BankiFi platform and services, you’ll have access to the insights that assist lending decisions, meaning SMEs have access to funding more quickly and you can boost your deposits.


“Many SMBs in the U.S. are struggling and need help. Banks, whose roles have diminished, can't offer effective support. We need to put banks back at the heart of business by providing services that truly help SMB owners.


Mike Coyne, Chief Information Office at Axiom

Drive deposits, relationships and revenue



Competition in banking is fierce, so stay ahead of the game by strengthening your relationships with your biggest revenue opportunity — SMEs. We give you the tech, engagement and data to differentiate by increasing awareness of your services, giving you relationship primacy. 


Financial intermediaries

Whether you’re an accountant, broker or other financial intermediary, you're a trusted advisor to SMEs and a step ahead when having an established relationship. Now it’s time to reinforce that with next-generation open banking technology, elevating your brand to the place that SMEs visit daily.



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