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Combining physical and digital experiences

Our customer engagement and marketing team provides physical and digital services that help you differentiate from your competitors.

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5000 +
hours spent speaking to SMEs
£ 75
average CPA on SME marketing campaigns
£ 2 billion
worth of payments processed using bank-branded solutions
62 %
increase in accounts opened year on year

Address the needs of non-relationship managed SMEs


Our unique combination of technology, marketing and customer engagement allows us to cost-effectively service SMEs without a relationship manager. Banks can learn from essential interactions about what SMEs need, ultimately helping you make your SMEs' relationships more profitable.

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What do we do?

  • Have direct conversations with thousands of SMEs
  • Help SMEs pay and get paid faster
  • Get more SMEs using your services


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How do our services support?

  • Human interactions with SMEs mean we get more than just a digital picture of how they use the products
  • Our all-in-one platform offers SMEs the services they need to manage payments and accurately forecast their cash position
  • We know how to attract, engage and retain SMEs on the platform. We’ll apply these insights to support your existing marketing teams
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What does that mean for you?

  • Inform product decisions and know what SMEs really want so you can be profitable
  • Solve the late payment challenges and lack of time issues that are stopping SMEs from growing
  • More data and insights to learn from

Why choose our service?

Engagement driven
Access real-time insights and a complete picture of SME business finances, informing future developments.
Cash Forecasting
Provide the human elements your small business customers want at a fraction of the cost it would take to do this within your banking team.
Build the right products
Our direct engagements with SMEs feed directly into product propositions, ensuring banks spend money on the right things.

Gain valuable business insights

What makes our technology stand out from the rest? Put simply, we listen to and address SME customers’ needs rather than conducting hypothetical and ambiguous market research that can be framed to justify pre-conceived assumptions.

79 %
of SMEs are getting paid within two days of requesting payment — often way in advance of their invoicing terms
200 %
increase in the number of active users across our bank-branded solutions
100 %
increase in payment requests following the implementation of our engagement services


Give your SME customers the everyday platform they need from the bank they trust. Our co-branded services allow SMEs to take care of all their financial admin from one place, creating relationship primacy for you and seamless services for them.

Our technology partners

We’ve developed a unique platform that runs
in any cloud and embraces consensual data sharing through APIs utilising virtual accounts, machine
learning and reconciliation.This bank-grade technology
is enabled by our industry-leading partners.

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We partner with Microsoft and build all our technology on the preferred public cloud infrastructure for financial services providers


PayPoint offers secure mobile & online multi-channel payment solutions for businesses.

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Redcompass are a specialist payment consulting and product company that sell and implement our solutions throughout Asia

Money hub

Moneyhub is a data and payments fintech that provides open banking, open finance, and open data solutions.