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Press release: BankiFi expands operations into North America

Press release: BankiFi expands operations into North America


Just a year on from our launch in Australia in 2021, we're delighted to share the news of our expansion into North America, where we'll be focused on enhancing business banking for small businesses and community financial institutions.

As an embedded banking solutions provider, our expansion into the U.S. market will support the unique digitization and payment modernization requirements of SMBs, while placing financial institutions at the heart of the relationship.

Community financial institutions in the U.S. are facing existential threat from fintech platforms, national banks and accounting package vendors that are offering a competitive suite of payment solutions to SMBs. With our open cash management platform and architecture, financial institutions can embed a flexible solution that can be tailored to address the unique segments of their small business portfolio. The platform addresses critical SMB requirements through digital workflows that collect payments faster, automate data integration with accounting platforms, and provide comprehensive insights to optimize working capital.

“SMBs in the U.S. are facing the same problems we’ve seen in the U.K. and Australia, including late payments and time delays due to financial administration,” said Mark Hartley, CEO and Founder of BankiFi. “Within our technology, we aim to transform services available to SMBs within community banking, across the U.S.”

Keith Riddle

About Keith

Keith Riddle, has been appointed to lead BankiFi Americas. A financial services veteran with more than 35 years of experience in the financial industry, Keith's career spans executive roles at Sherpa Technologies and several industry-leading firms specializing in digital banking, bill presentment and payment, EFT processing services, wholesale financial services and cloud computing.

“I’ve been following BankiFi’s incredible success in partnering with financial institutions to serve SMBs in the U.K., and realized the importance of enabling a comprehensive open cash management solution for financial institutions and their SMBs within the U.S.,” said Keith Riddle, CEO of BankiFi Americas. “I’m delighted to take the reins at BankiFi U.S. and build on what the U.K. team is doing in terms of digitizing the critical small business workflows and embedding the solution within financial institutions’ digital channels. This is certainly an exciting time for the sector.”


Meet us at VenCent 2022

Join us for 3 days of innovation at the upcoming VenCent Fintech Summit, 15 - 17 August in Little Rock, Arizona. BankiFi will be exhibiting at the show, with Keith presenting on August 17th about how to address the real-world banking challenges facing the industry.

Arrange a time to meet with Keith at the event or simply connect to hear more about how we're helping transform business banking in North America.

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