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Press Release: BankiFi Americas Continues to Expand as Lindsay Hodges Joins the Team

Press Release: BankiFi Americas Continues to Expand as Lindsay Hodges Joins the Team


We are thrilled to finally announce the latest appointment to our BankiFi Americas team. Introducing, Lindsay Hodges: our new Director of Product Management and Client Success for the Americas. We are proud to be expanding our BankiFi Americas family yet again with incredibly talented and highly experienced individuals - Lindsay is certainly no exception to this rule.

With over 25 years of experience in banking, leadership and financial services, Lindsay brings a wealth of industry knowledge and passion which is invaluable to us at BankiFi. Prior to joining our team, Lindsay's roles included Product Management and Sales for digital banking and end-to-end loan management software for Finastra; which involved serving bank and credit unions primarily. Furthermore, Lindsay has dedicated years of her career to helping multiple entrepreneurs create and establish their small businesses out in their community, serving as a mentor and guide to them. Such experience provides her with an advantage whenever she, as her role outlines, works closely with banks to help support their SMB customers.


Lindsay's role and responsibilities here at BankiFi will be to guide BankiFi's clients, partners and the specific product roadmap that informs strategies, all while carving these strategic plans that will go towards overall client success in the North American region. Lindsay will continue to add to the success that BankiFi has already built in its inaugural year in the Americas by further positioning banks as essential resources to their SMB customers.


Click here to read more about Lindsay and her new role here at BankiFi.

About Elle Rushby | Marketing Executive

Elle Rushby is the Marketing Executive for banking and technology company, BankiFi. With a passion for content creation, copywriting and carving marketing strategies (to name but a few), she is very much enjoying implementing her creativity into the world of BankiFi.

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