Nothing will change in our industry without talent, talent at the keys, on social media, in sales, etc. BankiFi harbours a philosophy that one of the key elements of its existence is the creation of a new world order for financial services with the support of and for young people. People with fresh ideas who need to live in a financial environment they did not create, but merely inherited. We owe them a place where they bring their ideas to life, guided and coached by very experienced and equally ‘begeistered’ colleagues.

This talent and commitment can be found close to home at the many excellent universities that surround us and this is why we at BankiFi ‘youth shore’ in collaboration with universities and young talent.

This way we create user experiences for and by a relevant generation, absorb their ideas as part of our strategic input for further development and create opportunity for experience and growth.

Through our Sandbox developers get immediate access to real-life scenarios and get to work with international banks in a live environment. Keen to join our team?

Contact us at or connect with Aleksa Vukotic via Twitter: @aleksavukotic