rich dialogue


The new customer experience is about relevance. RTP4 builds a meaningful dialogue between seller and buyer in terms of timing, situation and context of the commercial transaction. A payment is no longer a singular disconnected goal.

Two-way dialogue between buyer and seller

  • Built around the meaning of the transaction and the nature of the business

Send RTP from any accounting package or bank channel

  • Any standard accounting package supported or a ‘bank built’ bookkeeping engine in the bank channel

Track RTP and payment status

  • Track and trace and notifications as if sending a parcel
RTP4 Track Invoices

Automated resend and reminders

  • The bank services his busy business customers by sending out automated reminders on their behalf until the payment has been done.
RTP4 Automated Reminders

Payee: Communication is key

  • Working capital optimisation
  • More control over collection
  • Automated and STP non-core business processes like invoice making, chasing, reconciliation
  • Additional sales and service channel

Payer: Choice is key

  • Choice of payment type that suits them
  • Ease of use
  • Plan invoice payments on time
  • Reduced invoice fraud
  • Instant refunds

You: Insights are key

  • See payment flow buyer and seller
  • Value Added Services to buyer and seller
  • Spot relevant lending, other business opportunities
  • Customer acquisition channel through payee and  payer superior experience (new Open Banking client)

Experience RTP4 in action

Whether you are a bank, a PSP or a fintech, contact us for a deep-dive and quick demo so we can build
a use case that works for you and your customers.