follow your customers

For too long banks and PSPs have been making choices for their customers, use this channel, use this product. This is no longer acceptable but moreover unnessary. Without uprooting your internal systems you can offer your customers choise, creating a sticky relationship that creates lasting loyalty.

Personalised Credit and Payment Terms

  • Agreed between the business and the client

Full, Partial and Scheduled Payments

  • In line with current and new customs in different types of businesses

Any Payment Type – Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Card

  • Don’t change customers payment habits, follow what they like best leads to rapid settlement

Any delivery channel: Whatsapp, SMS, email, QR code and more

  • ‘follow the traffic’, choice to the SME and their customers
RTP4 Choose delivery

Payee: Communication is key

  • Working capital optimisation
  • More control over collection
  • Automated and STP non-core business processes like invoice making, chasing, reconciliation
  • Additional sales and service channel

Payer: Choice is key

  • Choice of payment type that suits them
  • Ease of use
  • Plan invoice payments on time
  • Reduced invoice fraud
  • Instant refunds

You: Insights are key

  • See payment flow buyer and seller
  • Value Added Services to buyer and seller
  • Spot relevant lending, other business opportunities
  • Customer acquisition channel through payee and  payer superior experience (new Open Banking client)

Experience RTP4 in action

Whether you are a bank, a PSP or a fintech, contact us for a deep-dive and quick demo so we can build
a use case that works for you and your customers.