Fast track
to STP

Battling late payments for the SME, ‘monies in the bank’ for both.

Request to Pay offers many roads to innovation around Open Banking. And as true as it is, your business customers see things through a different lens. They don’t worry about payment rails and products but about getting paid instantly and securely. They worry about the time they lose matching up payments, bank statements and accounting entries. They want to offer flexibility and choice around payments to their customers not spending time away from the job on admin tasks. Anything that saves time and money will be welcomed. Late payments are an additional worry, yet so unnecessary from a technology and business point of view. Direct debits are often cancelled by the payer, when really all people want is to check and authorise payments leaving their accounts. RTP4 is perfect as it rebalances the power between seller and payer.



  • Two-way dialogue on payment terms
  • Integrated with accounting packages
  • Track RTP & payment status




  • Bundling invoice & RTP
  • Schedule RTP, partial RTP
  • Automated resend, reminders
  • Any payment type




  • Any payment type
  • Pre-filled payment
  • Reduced invoice fraud risk




  • Based on Open Banking (AIS) data
  • Reconcile payment & invoice
  • Update invoice payment status




Deploy what is there and add a bit of RTP4

As a payments services provider you have invested in both Open Banking and Instant Payments. RTP4 is a fast track to a relevant and fee-based use case on top of that. Without heavy upfront investment you offer your business customers and sole traders a fintech style service through your own channel or app.

Move straight to the heart of your busy customers by giving them choice. Cut back on late payments and on cancelled direct debits. Reconcile across a set of bank accounts and any accounting package/ERP and help them create a one-to-one dialogue with their customers around payment terms and type.

Create your own RTP today and offer four more benefits in under six months.

Turn ‘simple payments’ into a sticky service and lending opportunity

No need to wait for a mere opt-in messaging scheme. Deploy a White label RTP4 solution and orchestrate a rich service of Communicate (rich dialogue between buyer and seller and bank), Choose (options for both to Payers and Payees), Collect (payments of any type) and Consolidate (auto reconcile data to any system of record).

Payee: Communication is key

  • Working capital optimisation
  • More control over collection
  • Automated and STP non-core business processes like invoice making, chasing, reconciliation
  • Additional sales and service channel

Payer: Choice is key

  • Choice of payment type that suits them
  • Ease of use
  • Plan invoice payments on time
  • Reduced invoice fraud
  • Instant refunds

You: Insights are key

  • See payment flow buyer and seller
  • Value Added Services to buyer and seller
  • Spot relevant lending, other business opportunities
  • Customer acquisition channel through payee and  payer superior experience (new Open Banking client)

Experience RTP4 in action

Whether you are a bank, a PSP or a fintech, contact us for a deep-dive and quick demo so we can build
a use case that works for you and your customers.