From 'Inside Out' to 'Outside In' banking

The evolution of digital channels

The embedded banking trend shows no signs of slowing down. There’s a war waging for who, or perhaps even what will be the ‘front door’ for the digital services required to run a business.

For legacy banking companies, the question is whether they’re willing to rise to the challenge, and to engage SMB customers in a way that they truly respond to.

If this is managed, a world of SMB banking opportunities will reopen for legacy banks. From attracting more customers, to generating greater levels of customer engagement, the bottom-line business benefits associated with the model are manifold.

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  • The evolution of Digital Channels from 'Inside Out' to 'Outside In' banking

  • Digital banking 1.0 - 'Inside Out' banking

  • Digital banking 2.0 - mobile and omni channel

  • Digital banking 3.0 - 'Outside In' banking

  • The evolving role of digital banking channels in the SMB relationship

  • Build, buy or BankiFi

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