From 'Inside Out' to 'Outside In' banking

The evolution of digital channels

Right now, there’s a war waging for who, or perhaps even what will be the ‘front door’ for the digital services required to run a business.

We want to shine a light on that battle and highlight some of the reasons why legacy banking institutions are so well-suited to the challenge.

Let’s start with the basics, SMB banking customers differ greatly from retail and corporate customers. That might sound obvious, but it hasn’t always been seen as such.

In the past, there’s been a tendency to see all banking customers through a very similar prism, with services only marginally tailored to each. However, the companies currently winning the battle for SMB banking customers are flipping this on its head by treating SMB customers as a segment in their own right.

How can traditional banks start to successfully engage SMB customers and open up a world of new opportunities?

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  • The evolution of Digital Channels from 'Inside Out' to 'Outside In' banking

  • Digital banking 1.0 - 'Inside Out' banking

  • Digital banking 2.0 - mobile and omni channel

  • Digital banking 3.0 - 'Outside In' banking

  • The evolving role of digital banking channels in the SMB relationship

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