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Embedded banking, but not as you know it

From 'Inside Out' to 'Outside In' banking

The evolution of digital channels

Right now, there’s a war waging for who, or perhaps even what will be the ‘front door’ for the digital services required to run a business.

The companies currently winning the battle for small business banking customers are the ones treating SMEs as a segment in their own right.

So how can traditional banks start to successfully engage small business customers and open up a world of new opportunities?

Our white paper examines this and more:

  • The evolution of Digital Channels from 'Inside Out' to 'Outside In' banking

  • Digital banking 1.0 - 'Inside Out' banking

  • Digital banking 2.0 - mobile and omni channel

  • Digital banking 3.0 - 'Outside In' banking

  • The evolving role of digital banking channels in the SMB relationship

  • Build, buy or BankiFi

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