Business micro services


BankiFi business bank account-ing is delivered through a suite of business micro services. The bank creates its own bundle for a particular segment or solution by combining a set of these services. Ultimately the bank can opt to let the business customer also create its own bundle from their banking selection in order to create a customer specific experience. At any stage new services can be added or removed as the business services are hosted and updated in the cloud. The list of microservices below is not exhaustive.


Scenario bank 1


Scenario bank 2



Help your business customers create and store their invoices as well as securely sending them to the right contacts.

Your customers can make, send and store a wide range of invoices with varieties of payment terms from one trusted place: your bank channel.


Provide your business customers with a bank branded bookkeeping engine that rivals any online accounting package but at a fraction of the cost.

Your business customers have a full financial overview and direct access to necessary actions like paying – if wanted with their financial partners – from one secure and trusted place: your bank channel.


Ensure your business customers can pay and get paid with all the necessary payment services that include debiting accounts held at other institutions, requesting payments from their customers and protecting them from push payment fraud.

Your business customers pay and get paid from one secure cockpit they know and trust for a full and up to date overview: your bank channel.


Tell customers when things have happened or changed and provide them with tips on how best to manage the finances of their business at the right moment in the right context. Wrap this continuous service around your entire bank client relationship.


Identify when your customers will have a cash shortfall and provide them with the credit option that match their needs ahead of time.

Your business customers are not being sent out wandering through a jungle of apps, but find a solution that fits the situation and timing through you, in their banking cockpit: your bank channel.

Virtual Accounts

Where nudges remove the headache of your customers needing to remember when their tax is due, virtual accounts help them to make reservations, do project accounting or help them to save for investments or just maximise interest using configurable auto vaults.

Your business customers can put monies due for certain activities in the virtual accounts while maintaining oversight in one place: your bank channel.

Cash Management

Help your customers manage their cash with a full range of services designed to make it simple, easy and automated, whether they bank exclusively with you or they have multiple bank relationships.

Your business customers have a made to measure cash management system at their fingertips, in the location where it belongs: inside your bank channel.