Addressing a global problem

How can banks become trusted advisors to small businesses?

A lot of focus has been placed on SMEs who have long been neglected by banks and whilst banks have attempted to react, it feels more like a sticking plaster fix rather than the major overhaul that is required. 

Our white paper examines the threats and provides banks with a suggested path to the promised land of trusted advisor to SMEs. 

The transformative path will take banks from being a transactional product-based organisation into a customer-centric workflow-based platform that puts them at the heart of a business and cements their position as the essential component of their customers’ day-to-day business operations.

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Embedded banking offers a huge opportunity for banks to take advantage of an increasingly open financial services ecosystem. Learn more about:

  • Why small business banking is in need of a major overhaul

  • SME relationship banking in the 21st Century

  • SMEs are the backbone of the global economy

  • Do banks really understand the needs of SMEs?

  • Collections and late payments

  • The impact of Covid-19

  • Working capital finance

  • Regulations, mobile and APIs 

  • What is embedded banking?

  • Think like an SME not a bank

  • How should banks respond?

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