With a few ‘scars on its back’, the BankiFi team acknowledges that it takes far more than technology to make a change in business. Technology skills need to well deployed, an idea well positioned and brought to the attention of all stakeholders and the overcrowded corridors of social media need to be intelligently approached. To this extend we offer a range of services in addition with partners in our eco system … “as it takes a village to raise an Open Banking baby in a complex and changing world”.






The success of new initiatives is by a large measure determined on the positioning, go to market and deployment strategy with the user and stakeholder community. As seasoned advisors and consultants the BankiFi team supports clients and other industry players on strategy and (product) marketing issues on Open Banking and new financial services concepts in the international industry through its Dutch based consultancy BankiFi to market.

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End user exposure and a high adoption rate are key for technology companies and financial services providers alike. Marketing and lead generation used to be the domain of many collaborating verticals across marketing and sales. No longer so, productive and targeted campaigns require ‘relentless’ yet intelligent (social) campaign management. RedSnap and the BankiFi team have collaborated in this field on a range of client projects in the insurtech and fintech industry. RedSnap brings an approach, a marketing engine and sales skills to your team.

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